Oak Carpentry & Joinery

Bespoke Interior Fittings, Staircases, Door Sets, Floors, Gates

All of the bespoke interior joinery items manufactured by Oak Carpentry Lancashire are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. We take great care to source and select the correct timber for each project.

We only use ‘true’ quarter sawn, air dried timber, the most stable and beautiful available, with full figuring and loaded with medullary rays. When this timber is incorporated and ‘book matched’ in panelled doors, the effect is quite simply stunning.

Oak Carpentry Lancashire can give you traditional solid oak, ‘Tudor style’, interior fixtures and fittings, where every piece is hand finished by Spokeshave to give a beautifully smooth and rippled effect. This is particularly effective on flooring when using wide tapering boards, so instead of a uniform machine processed look, we achieve a finish that is full of character.

All of our traditional ironmongery is handmade and finished by hot-dipping in beeswax.

We also produce interior fittings in a more modern, contemporary style that look stunning in a modern house and make a stiking contrast when installed in a period property. You may like to consider an oak staircase with illuminated glass balustrades and chrome fittings (see photos on this page). The effect can be breathtaking, a beautiful addition to an open plan room, an elegent welcome in an entrance hall.

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